Make Your Own Onion Powder

Making your own onion powder at home is a very simple project.  Homemade onion powder really puts store bought powder to shame... the taste is much better, there are no fillers, preservatives or other questionable ingredients and it only takes a few dollars worth of onions and a few minutes of time to make.   [...]

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Gardening: Top 10 Garden Mistakes

As we are gearing up for the growing season and making our plans for a successful and productive garden, there are several common mistakes that all gardeners want to avoid. In this video, josh shares with you the Top 10 gardening mistakes that people make and how to avoid them!

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Make Fermented Ginger Carrots; A Sweet, Super Probiotic Food

Keep your immune system strong this flu season!  It is commonly reported that over 75% of your immune system is in your gut.  Turn carrots into a healthy and delicious, probiotic food that keeps your body in great flu fighting condition.   Ginger carrots are a great way to introduce probiotic foods to your family, [...]

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Gardening: 7 Tips for Starting Your Garden

Long before you put seeds in the ground there is work to do in order to get your garden going! Winter is actually the time to start your garden so you are prepared for the growing season when it arrives, and while it seems like a long way off when it's cold and the days [...]

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Canning Stew: Make Your Own Convenience Food

Canning your own beef, lamb or venison stew is so easy.  Having healthy food waiting on the shelf for a busy night means no more running to town for a pizza or other take out. This is a great way to save time and money on your homestead.   Using a pressure canner is safe [...]

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Can Your Own Chicken Broth!

Stop buying broth from the grocery store... can your own for super healthy and inexpensive convenience!     Make your own amazing, health promoting bone broth and can it to have on hand for those quick meals, gravies and last minute thoughts.  This is one of the easiest pressure canning projects you could do and [...]

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Super Probiotic Jalepano Apple Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut

Yum... and yum. This is good. The ginger, jalepano, apple and garlic make for an amazing combination and spin off of the ‘normal’ sauerkraut...totally different flavor profile. In this video Carolyn and her guest, Kelsey from Full of Days, will show you how to make this old time favorite. Check out the complete written directions [...]

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Canning Meat (Super Easy Raw Pack)

Homemade Convenience Food! Can your own meat. Keeping some jars of your own home canned red meat on the shelf makes a quick meal really easy... and so yummy! But does canning meat scare you? If you follow the basic guidelines it is actually very safe ( and much healthier than any commercial product!). In [...]

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