Homesteading Family Kitchen Tour

OK - You've been asking for a tour of our homestead kitchen... let me show you around on a busy homesteading Saturday. The pizza dough is resting, waiting to be rolled out; the dandelion greens are soaking in their brine to become KimChi; hardboiled eggs are cooling for pickled eggs and my assistants (the kids [...]

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Make Your Own Beeswax Wrap

Kick out the plastic wrap! Carolyn, Rachel and Brianna show a quick and simple way to start switching your home away from disposable, unhealthy plastics and toward healthy reusable products. A little beeswax, cotton cloth and a few old paintbrushes can save a lot of plastic wrap over the next few years- not to mention [...]

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Preserve Your Eggs by Freezing!

In this video Carolyn will show you how simple it is to save your fresh eggs for baking during the winter egg shortage. This is a great method to use for dirty eggs, cracked eggs or even an over-abundance of storebought eggs.

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Preserve Your Eggs for Winter!

Do you know how to preserve your eggs? Water glassing is a long standing historical method that is very easy and very effective! While there are several different water glassing mediums, here Carolyn shows you how to use the cheap and readily available hydrated lime (also known as pickling lime and slacked lime) to easily [...]

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