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About Josh and Carolyn

Josh and Carolyn both grew up with a love of the country life, good food and watching things grow. Their first tiny garden together started on a balcony in a city apartment 15 years ago and has grown along with their family to producing over 75% of their needs. Now on 40 acres in North Idaho, they raise all of their own meat, 90% of their dairy products and 75% of their fruit and veggies…all done naturally while being stewards of the land and caring for a family of 10! This passion for country living, good eating, and nurturing life has grown into a passion for sharing the journey and lessons learned with others. It is their desire to be a blessing and encouragement to others seeking the beauty and abundance of a healthy homesteading life!

Preserve your bounty: How to freeze eggs

We’ve been talking about different ways to preserve eggs over the last month or so. Today I’m going to show you how to freeze eggs, an easy and useful way to store eggs when you have extra. Why freeze eggs? In the cooler months, our chickens stop laying because of the shorter daylight hours. Freezing [...]

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Homesteading Kitchen: Homemade Hummus from Dried Chickpeas

Few foods work as well in the cold wintertime as they do in the heat of summer. That's one of the reasons this hummus recipe is my go-to when I need something nutritious and filling for family or guests. I'm going to show you how to prepare tasty homemade hummus that is both healthy and easy to [...]

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Your Best Loaf: Learn How to Bake Delicious Homemade Bread

The ability to make homemade bread that is tasty and nutritious is a wonderful step towards a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle. Once mastered, bread baking will benefit you and your family for a lifetime. So why do so many of us find it difficult to bake bread at home? “My bread is really hard. You [...]

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Raising healthy chickens: Make your own fermented chicken feed in 6 easy steps

Today I’m going to show you how you can raise healthier chickens AND save 40% or more on your feed. All it takes is a simple system for soaking and fermenting the grains you use as feed. We use this for our laying hens, meat chickens, other poultry, and even our pigs, which are partially [...]

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