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Dry Your Culinary Herbs

Growing and preserving your own herbs is so rewarding and cost effective. Those tiny little bottles of spices and herbs at the grocery store are often old and filled with "who-knows-what" but your own herbs are cheap, plentiful, healthy and absolutely delicious!

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Dream Cheese – Kefir Cheese in Olive Oil

OK guys here it is... the promised Dream Cheese video.  It turned out a little longer than most of our videos, but we really wanted to show you every step and explain it thoroughly so that you can try it right away! This can be made with yogurt, clabbered milk or kefir (kefir is standard [...]

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Tour Of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.

We love open pollinated and heirloom seeds, so we are excited to share a tour of one of our favorite seed companies, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. We've been buying heirloom seeds from them for many years and love their large selection and quality. Check them out at

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Brood Coop Tour

Brood Coop Tour You guys asked for more details on our chick brooder... here it is! This has worked as a great chick brooder, but also as a quiet spot for broody hens to raise a clutch of eggs,  a temporary holding pen for kittens about to go to new homes and as a small [...]

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Starting Chicks

We just got 125 chicks!  In this video Josh will show you how we start our chicks every year for healthy, vivacious chickens. These particular chicks are meat chickens called Red Rangers from  We have bought meat chickens from many hatcheries over the years and these guys do it the best of anyone we [...]

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Clabbered Milk

Clabbered Milk! Did you know that raw milk doesn't go bad? No, it doesn't go bad (if you have kept it decently clean)... it just goes different! Our great grandmothers knew how to use this "different" to their benefit to feed their family (and their animals) probiotic and enzyme rich foods... now you can too! [...]

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