Clabbered Milk

Clabbered Milk! Did you know that raw milk doesn't go bad? No, it doesn't go bad (if you have kept it decently clean)... it just goes different! Our great grandmothers knew how to use this "different" to their benefit to feed their family (and their animals) probiotic and enzyme rich foods... now you can too! [...]

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Homestead Dairy – Strain Your Milk

You guys have been asking for videos about dealing with all of the fresh milk on the homestead and turning it into delicious dairy products... well, we heard you! Before you can make butter, cheese, yogurt or kefir with your milk you must strain it! In this video, Carolyn will show you the simple steps [...]

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Wildcraft and Make Your Own Arnica Oil

Ever get sore muscles but don't want to buy the expensive medicated cream with questionable ingredients? What about when your toddler falls down and looks like he's been beaten over the head with a 2x4... what do you do to help the bruise heal or not develop at all? Tension headaches from a stiff neck... [...]

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Prepare Now for Canning Season

Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a canning project and realizing that you just ran out of an important ingredient. No matter where you live, running to the grocery store can be a hassle, but if you live out in the country it can turn into a several hour sidetrack... not to [...]

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Make Your Own Healthy Cooking Spray

  What's in that store bought cooking spray anyways? Propellants, preservative and a few cents worth of cheap, unhealthy oil. All you need is a great spray bottle and some high quality olive oil and water to make your own! No more hydrogenated, trans., rancid, cheap oils for you!

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Cheaper Healthier Chickens

How? Fermented Grains! You can save 40% or more on your chicken feed costs by fermenting the grain. Our large family loves fresh eggs, we love healthy home raised chicken for dinner, not to mention turkey, duck and goose. But man, the feed can get expensive! Here is one of the main ways we have [...]

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Preserve Your Extra Eggs by Pickling!

Still have too many spring eggs? In this video Carolyn will show you a simple delicious preservation technique... pickled eggs! You can refrigerate or can these tasty, high protein treats. Pickled eggs make a quick, healthy meal starter or easy snack. You can also follow us on Facebook at or check out our website [...]

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Homesteading Family Kitchen Tour

OK - You've been asking for a tour of our homestead kitchen... let me show you around on a busy homesteading Saturday. The pizza dough is resting, waiting to be rolled out; the dandelion greens are soaking in their brine to become KimChi; hardboiled eggs are cooling for pickled eggs and my assistants (the kids [...]

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Make Your Own Beeswax Wrap

Kick out the plastic wrap! Carolyn, Rachel and Brianna show a quick and simple way to start switching your home away from disposable, unhealthy plastics and toward healthy reusable products. A little beeswax, cotton cloth and a few old paintbrushes can save a lot of plastic wrap over the next few years- not to mention [...]

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