Edible PLAYDOUGH (gluten free!!)

Edible PLAYDOUGH (gluten free!!)

Have little people to keep busy indoors this winter? Give them a project and feed them lunch at the same time! This is our family’s favorite playdough.

Easy to make with equal parts of peanut butter (or almond butter), honey and milk powder. Give the kids raisins, shredded coconut, chocolate chips and other ‘goodies’ to decorate their creations and then eat!

It keeps for a few weeks in a bag in the fridge for another play lunch later when Mom needs a break.

Hint: You can also roll them into balls and coat with coconut shreds and keep in the freezer for a quick high protein Mama snack!

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Josh and Carolyn both grew up with a love of the country life, good food and watching things grow. Their first tiny garden together started on a balcony in a city apartment 15 years ago and has grown along with their family to producing over 75% of their needs. Now on 40 acres in North Idaho, they raise all of their own meat, 90% of their dairy products and 75% of their fruit and veggies…all done naturally while being stewards of the land and caring for a family of 10! This passion for country living, good eating, and nurturing life has grown into a passion for sharing the journey and lessons learned with others. It is their desire to be a blessing and encouragement to others seeking the beauty and abundance of a healthy homesteading life!