Sometimes it just helps to see how it is done! So we have created these videos as an additional resource for our How To’s, Pantry Chats (just hanging out with you!), and Household Management series. Paired with our written step by step instructions and tips, we hope these videos will help you easily adapt the ideas to your own home!
From the How To’s don’t miss the four-part series on Cast Iron in the kitchen, and what to look for when building/buying a Chicken Tractor. Then there are the topics that just need a cup of coffee and a seat in the Harvest Kitchen to chat about, like How to Stock a Pantry and working towards a Zero Waste Home. Last, but certainly not least, join Carolyn for tips and strategies for Managing a Home. She covers topics like smooth transitions in a daily schedule and what to do when Mom is sick!




The Preserving Eggs

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  • 10 Practical Methods for preserving eggs
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