Your Best Loaf: Learn How to Bake Delicious Homemade Bread

The ability to make homemade bread that is tasty and nutritious is a wonderful step towards a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle. Once mastered, bread baking will benefit you and your family for a lifetime. So why do so many of us find it difficult to bake bread at home?

“My bread is really hard. You could use it to build houses!”

“All the comments on the recipe said it was amazing. Why was mine so bad?”

“I’ve been making bread for years, but it’s always so dry. My family doesn’t really enjoy it.”

These are comments we’ve heard regularly here at Homesteading Family. If I’m being honest, I said them too when I started baking bread for the first time. Fifteen years ago, calling me a construction worker was more accurate than calling me a home baker. I didn’t make light, fluffy bread loaves, I made rocks and bricks! And despite following the best recipes, my bread didn’t seem to improve.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to take you 15 years to make good bread. With a little guidance from the right person, making bread is easier than you would ever imagine – and it’s great fun, too!

4 reasons to bake your own bread

1. It’s MUCH healthier than store-bought bread.
A typical loaf of store-bought bread often contains around 30 ingredients. Crazy, right? By making your own, you can cut out the additives and have complete control over what goes in.

2. Making bread at home is so much cheaper!
Bread ingredients can be purchased in bulk and kept for what seems like an eternity. When you’re sitting down to eat an amazing sandwich made with homemade bread, you have saved around 50% compared to the store bought stuff. Better bread that also costs less? Yes, please!

3. Bread is an easy, filling food for when you don’t have other options.
Bread is like your best friend: It’s always there when you need it. Because you can store the ingredients for so long, you can bake a loaf any time. This is handy for when you’re stuck for meal ideas, don’t have much in the cupboards, or don’t have time to drive to the store.

4. The smell of freshly baked bread may be the nicest thing ever.
There are few things that feel more homey than the smell of fresh bread wafting through the house!

But it’s not enough to know the why. You also need the how.

How I stopped baking bricks and started baking bread…
After years of disappointing baking, I’ve now taught my 8 and 11 year old daughters how to make delicious bread for our family. It’s incredibly healthy, using freshly ground, sprouted whole wheat flour. It tastes so good, my daughter has a thriving little business selling our bread to the local community! Light and fluffy, it’s perfect for toast, sandwiches and dinner rolls.

Contrary to what you may think, my success didn’t come from finally finding the right recipe. I had followed every recipe perfectly with little success. Over time, I began to realize that amazing bread doesn’t just come from a recipe. Baking is an art as well as a science.

Basic bread making techniques are developed over time and with guidance. For example, no recipe can tell you how much flour you need to add to your dough – the amount will change daily depending on the temperature of your kitchen, humidity, the type of flour used and more. Thankfully you don’t need to know how to calculate these small changes. There’s a very simple technique to know exactly when your ingredient proportions are right, just like there’s a simple technique to know whether your bread has been kneaded enough or is properly risen. All you need is the right resource and you can learn the secrets for yourself.

Before recipes were written down, bakers learned the proper techniques from others with experience. Mothers taught daughters, professionals taught apprentices, passing on the techniques that ensure bread will turn out well in any situation. My mother didn’t bake bread, so I never learned any techniques from her. I’m guessing that your mother didn’t teach you how to bake perfect bread, either. It’s easy to feel as though we’re on our own to figure it out.

While it may appear that bread making is a lost art, there is a revival in home kitchens around the country. The tips and tricks of great baking are available to you if you know where to find them. And that’s where Homesteading Family comes in.

Let me teach you the basic techniques to bake perfect homemade bread!

We at Homesteading Family want your family to experience delicious, nutritious bread made by your own hands. That’s why we’re offering a completely free bread making class to our readers. Through this 5-day course, you will learn the basic techniques necessary to make your bread turn out perfectly every time. The techniques can be applied to a wide variety of recipes and ingredients, and once you’ve completed the course, the videos will be available to watch as often as you’d like. We’ll give you everything you need to become a successful bread baker at home!

Please join me in my kitchen as I demonstrate what years of baking and experimenting with bread have taught me.


You too can enjoy the rewards of perfect homemade bread! Let’s bake!

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Josh and Carolyn
Josh and Carolyn both grew up with a love of the country life, good food and watching things grow. Their first tiny garden together started on a balcony in a city apartment 15 years ago and has grown along with their family to producing over 75% of their needs. Now on 40 acres in North Idaho, they raise all of their own meat, 90% of their dairy products and 75% of their fruit and veggies…all done naturally while being stewards of the land and caring for a family of 10! This passion for country living, good eating, and nurturing life has grown into a passion for sharing the journey and lessons learned with others. It is their desire to be a blessing and encouragement to others seeking the beauty and abundance of a healthy homesteading life!

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