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Managing the Livestock in Winter

In the middle of winter, all the animals come close together and huddle into and around the barn area. Since we have about 5-6 months of snow, with no grazing options, the animals have to get fed differently.

Sheep and baby lambs in a barn stall.

Enjoy this video on how we manage the livestock in winter, come tour the barn and let us introduce you to some of the new babies we’re enjoying here at Riverbend.

In This Video

  • Why we’re raising Kune Kune pigs and our experience (and struggles) getting them bred.
  • How we’re working to maintain our cattle herd size, without having to make the hard decision of culling due to lack of space and resources.
  • The Cotswolds feeder lambs we grow on the homestead and the deciding factors that come into breed selection.
  • Utilizing our deep bedding method and spreading that fertility to our pasture lands.
  • Excited about the next generation growing into an active role here at Riverbend.
Two kune kune piglets suckling their mom.
A man and wife smiling.

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