We Help Families:

We Help Families:

We Help Families:

Start THRIVING today! Download your FREE GUIDE to the new 5 Steps Towards SELF-SUFFICIENCY you can take right now!


… your own healthy nutrient dense food!

Healthy food is expensive and hard to access.

Learn the practical methods to fill your plates with organic fruit, veggies, meat and dairy from your own backyard.


Confidently fill your shelves with safe, healthy food. Learn to:



Simple, healthy living for the whole family.

Traditional Cooking
Herbal Medicine
Natural Cleaning

The practical education you need to grow you own food, fill your pantry and THRIVE in a complicated and unhealthy world to help you go...

From Consumer

To Producer

From Unprepared

To Prepared

From Dependant

To Independent

Start THRIVING today! Download your FREE GUIDE to the new 5 Steps Towards SELF-SUFFICIENCY you can take right now!

I am loving all the amazing information being offered by you in such a way that makes it delightful for me to learn… Thank you. I feel confident to move forward now.


– Isabel T from Madison, Virginia

I would like to share, since I started watching your channel a couple of weeks ago, I have already fermented my first sauerkraut, am going to begin skimming cream from our raw milk, make clabber, and have decided to start taking steps to start a garden in my parents’ backyard. My husband and I have watched homesteading content for a couple of years now, but yours is so well put together, I feel confident enough to try the things I’m seeing.

– Monica G from Harlingen, Texas

First of all thank you for all your videos and pantry chats! They are very encouraging as I continue to learn how to best provide for my family through gardening, homeschooling, and preserving

– Krystal M from Grants Pass, Oregon.

There are not too many complete and reliable resources online like yours. You give clear answers with practical ways to implement them as well as resources and specific directions.

– Karen Wood from Alandale, California


Over 75 lessons and growing on all things homesteading and healthy living along with monthly Q and A’s, recipes, eBooks, exclusive Facebook group, and more

Carolyn, after 40 years of inconsistent results, my husband and I just had sandwiches on homemade bread that didn’t crumble or crack our teeth! It was light, fluffy and sliced with ease. What a super blessing! Thanks ever so much!

– Caroline C. from Tallahassee, Florida

I did it!!! My very first Pressure Canning ever!!  Thank you, Carolyn! for your awesome classes and encouragement!!   I can’t believe how easy that was, and to think I’ve delayed for years because I was afraid. This is such empowerment but even more so is that knowledge and confidence I now have to can those wonderful foods and meals for my family!  Can you tell I’m excited? 😂.  

– Dinah S. from Birmingham, Alabama

Thank you so much for these lessons. It’s perfect information all in one place, the what, why and how to. (In the past) I have sat for hours trying to figure out which herbs that I need, and which ones are not necessary to start with. So, this is a blessing!

– Kim S from Eldon, Missouri

Excellent class and Instructional PDF. Thank you for presenting this information in an easy to understand format.
– Gail S. from Sterling, Alaska

Meet Josh and Carolyn:

Josh and Carolyn both grew up with a love for the country life and watching things grow. Their first tiny garden started on a balcony 17 years ago and has now grown into a 40 acre homestead in North Idaho where they grow, preserve and prepare most of their own food right on the property while stewarding the land for the next generation.
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