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My Secret to Running a Productive Household

by | Aug 28, 2021 | Thrive

With ten kids in the house, homeschooling, and running a productive homestead, things can sometimes feel a bit chaotic. But I have a secret weapon to running a smooth household that I’m sharing with you today.

A woman holding a laundry basket.

Why This Secret Tip Works

When the household gets really busy, one of the biggest problems that I have is keeping track of what needs to be done, who can do it, and when we can get it done.

This happens from time to time because I’m not always seeing what needs to be done. With all of our chore jurisdictions and different areas of the household being tended to by different kiddos, it’s easy for me to miss some things unless I’m intentionally looking for them.

Also, it’s really easy to ignore certain areas of the home or the homestead that aren’t always our favorite chore or task, so one of the things that I like to do each and every day is to walk around the entire house and homestead with my notebook.

A woman holding up a small leather notebook.

My Notebook

While I’m walking around the homestead, I start taking notes of everything I see that needs to be done. It may need to be done today, or at some point during the week. You can make a note of those things that must get done today if that’s helpful.

Be intentional while you’re walking around, it’s very easy to just start the “doing” instead of simply writing it down.

If you can set aside a time of the day that you walk around, that’s ideal. But if you’ve forgotten to do this, and start to feel frazzled, this is a perfect opportunity to grab a cup of coffee or tea, pick up your notebook and take a nice quiet walk.

Take Notes

Walk through each room of the house, jotting down what needs to be done. In the video above, I show all the things that need to get done, starting in the kitchen, moving down to the laundry room, and eventually throughout the rest of the house and into the outside spaces as well.

I’m not using this time to assign tasks to people, but simply to take note of the tasks. The delegating comes later!

Learn More!

Did you know that I’ve put together an entire class just on household management? I cover everything from chores for children, how to have a productive morning, and even how I organize meals on the homestead!

But for now, go grab yourself a notebook and pen and take a walk around your home to start making that list!

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