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Traditional Skills Summit (2023)

The second annual Traditional Skills Summit is right around the corner (September 11-15, 2023). This year, the focus is all about mindset. Having the right mindset as homesteaders is crucial to not only becoming more resilient, but to not getting burned out or running through our resources too quickly.

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The Importance of Mindset

When it comes to becoming a homesteader or learning homesteading skills, there are two crucial parts. The first is the desire to learn a skill (such as canning, gardening, raising chickens, etc.). The other crucial element is to have the right mindset.

Without a proper mindset, you’ll only achieve half of the skill.

A woman holding up a small leather notebook.


It’s very common in our modern world to just go do things without the prior work of learning. So much of our culture is about the “doing,” and we miss the observation portion. Before a task even begins it should start with observation.

This is a major portion of our household management series. Without first observing the situation, you’ll never know if the work you start is ever moving you forward. This is why my notebook is one of my most important tools for running a productive household.

Another angle of observation comes when you’re in the midst of a task. We always tell our children that a job isn’t complete unless they’ve stood back and observed.

For instance, when our son is weed-whacking, we try to teach him to observe as he’s going from area to area. Then, once the job is finished, he should stand back and observe the whole area to make sure it’s completed well.

The Urgency to Learn and Do

In today’s day and age where there’s an urgency to get things done, learn more skills, and be prepared for whatever is coming, it’s so easy to go, go, go until you get burned out (or burn through your resources).

Joel Salatin standing in a field in front of numerous cows.

Slow is Fast, and Fast is Slow

This is specifically applicable to animals. When you push animals too fast, you often end up having to back up and redo the whole thing.

School of Traditional Skills Summit Instructors

This year, there is a great lineup of instructors who will be sharing their expertise and the mindset it takes to accomplish various tasks.

The sessions will be recorded, so even if you can’t make it live, as long as you are signed up, we can send you a replay to watch!😊

Register for FREE to Join Us

But here’s the catch… you have to be registered for the summit in order to watch any of it!

Join in by registering for the summit, and tuning in for the different sessions. Once you are registered, a link will be sent out on the day of the summit, so keep your eye on your emails. 

If you are signed up for the summit, you will automatically be sent replays of each summit session. 

We’ll be there, and we can’t wait to see you online at the 2023 Traditional Skills Summit!

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