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Plain Values Magazine & Room to Bloom

Plain Values magazine and the Room to Bloom Foundation are two incredible ministries helping to spread the good news of Jesus and connect special-needs children to their forever homes. Join us for this special podcast with guest, Marlin Miller.

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What is Plain Values?

Plain Values is all about faith-centered, simple living and showing that this kind of life is still possible today. While Homesteading Family is generally about the “how” and the “what” of homesteading, Plain Values reminds us of the “why!”

As Marlin says, we tend to get into the rut and the daily grind routine, and it’s so good to be reminded of why we’re doing what we do.

Plain Values shares the good news of people making a difference by bringing hope and restoration to their neighbors.

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About Marlin Miller

Marlin Miller is the founder of Plain Values and Room to Bloom. Marlin is a homesteader, husband and father to four adopted special-needs children. I met Marlin in the summer of 2023 at the Modern Homesteading Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

About 13 years ago, Marlin’s daughter was in the NICU. As the bills were piling up, he found himself praying, asking the Lord for ways he could provide for his family’s needs. It was during this time that Plain Values was born.

After a few conversations with friends, they tested out Plain Values Magazine and it was a success. Plain Values now reaches 47,000 households every month.

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What’s Inside Plain Values?

Inside the Plain Values magazine, you’ll find monthly columns and heart-felt articles that bring great value. Including:

  • “One Minute with Marlin” – bite-sized messages from the publisher, Marlin Miller.
  • Stories of Biblical ministries around the world.
  • Everyday insights from Shawn and Beth Dougherty.
  • Dr. Hutton’s health and nutrition advice for us to feel our best.
  • A column by Ferree Hardy for widows or those who have dealt with loss.
  • Faith-based articles from Wendy Cunningham, a former atheist.
  • “Life Changers” – Stories of adoption and service to others.
  • A column by Rory Feek where he writes about his homesteading journey at Hardison Mill.
  • And so much more.

How to Get Involved

Plain Values is more than just a magazine. Sure, they’re sharing stories of hope and faith, but beyond that, they’re practically helping people, and you can be a part of it!

Plain Values is more than just a magazine. It’s a community of like-minded people coming together to be the hands and feet of Jesus. When you subscribe to Plain Values, a portion of your subscription goes directly to Room to Bloom.

Beyond that, the team at Plain Values is always on the lookout for how they can help their neighbors. Last month, the team raised funds to help a blind woman confined to a wheelchair. She needed a vehicle that would allow her to get out of her house, but these vehicles cost upwards of $60,000. Through the Plain Values community, over $20,000 was raised to donate toward this woman’s needs!

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What is Room to Bloom?

Over the years, through the magazine, Marlin has made needs known to the Plain Values readers. He knew there was an opportunity for the Lord to use this ministry, specifically to help special needs children in finding their forever homes.

Through this desire to help special needs children, Room to Bloom was born. It’s a non-profit 501c3 to bring awareness and support to families that have children with Down Syndrome and other special needs. It’s also there to help families be able to afford the adoption of children with special needs.

Today, Room to Bloom has helped 27 children come home to their forever families. If you’d like to learn more, visit the Room to Bloom website to see how you can get involved.

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Subscribe to Plain Values

If you’d like to subscribe to the magazine, visit the Plain Values website.

There are multiple ways to subscribe (including digital or hard copy).

Sign up today and help support this incredible ministry.

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