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Preparing for a New Baby on the Homestead

Just like we prepare for many other things around the homestead, preparing for a new baby is no different. It takes forethought and planning to help with the smooth transition when adding a new family member.

A husband feeling his pregnant wife's belly.

Not only that, but it’s important to have plans in place to allow both mom and baby the appropriate and healthy amount of time to recuperate and recover after delivery.

In This Episode:

  • Having a baby is an act of faith in the future.
  • The way to overcome fear is by action, not to give in to it.
  • How the role of “mom” changes on the homestead.
  • Planning for dad to carry the baby more throughout the day to allow mom to rest.
  • Prepping meals ahead of time. Learn more about meal planning, putting up freezer meals, and freeze-drying baby food.
  • Plans for delivery or home birth.
  • Think about how to set up your space to get the rest you need after the baby arrives.
  • Be intentional about taking a break after the baby comes (schedule it on the calendar!).
  • Getting dad and other family members to help support mom.
A woman buried in laundry sitting in front of a washer and dryer.

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