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Educating Children Through Homesteading

Today’s podcast episode is with Kody Hanner, author of The Homestead Education. She and I discuss what it’s like raising large families on a homestead and the many benefits we see in our children from their daily involvement on the farm.

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With eleven children, running a business and a homestead, I’m frequently asked how I get it all done in a day. Just because I do all these things doesn’t mean I’m “busy” all day long.

I’ve shared in depth through my Home Management Series the simple routines and systems we put in place so everyone works well together to make this life possible; as well as our top 10 parenting principles.

I use the same strategies when it comes to homeschooling. Not to mention, our homeschool doesn’t reflect a typical public school day for our children. There is so much learning that takes place through homesteading and running a farm. Many of our children have begun their own businesses and are learning skills well beyond what is taught in the local schools.

For that reason, I’m excited about today’s podcast guest, Kody Hanner, because she and I have very similar thoughts to homeschooling our children on the homestead.

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About Kody Hanner

Kody is a wife, mother of 6, homesteader, and homeschool mom who has devoted her life to agriculture and embracing rural living.

She created and authored the Homestead Education series of homeschool curricula that includes homestead science. She’s the host of The Homestead Education Podcast where she chats candidly about homesteading, homeschooling, and personal growth.

She enjoys teaching many topics as well as bringing in some of the greatest thinkers in her field to teach her audience as well.

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In This Episode

  • The factors that led to us deciding to homeschool our children.
  • The life skills our children are learning through homesteading.
  • The perception that homeschooled children are shy and antisocial. The reality is that they have such great self-esteem and the ability to hold conversations with incredible people skills.
  • Learning from the skills taught in the Mennonite curriculum.
  • Letting our children build a business at a young age and what that teaches them.
  • How we see our kids’ character blossom through homesteading.
  • The benefits of having to problem solve on a homestead.
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Where to Find Kody Hanner

You can find Kody Hanner and learn more about her curricula at The Homestead Education. She offers curricula for preschoolers up to high schoolers. If you use code “HOMESTEAD10” you can get 10% off your purchase of anything on her website.

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