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The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Is it really necessary to eat breakfast? Yes! Breakfast is so important because getting healthy protein in your body at the start of the day is critical. Here are some great ways to manage your morning breakfasts all week long.

A woman taking a bite of yogurt with freeze dried strawberries on top.

I will admit that I’m not a breakfast person, nor am I a morning person, but as an old elementary school teacher (and now a homeschooling mom), I can clearly see the effects in my kids of not having a healthy breakfast.

I actually think skipping breakfast altogether is better than having a high-sugar breakfast. Most store-bought breakfasts are simply packed with sugar and usually contain very little protein (a recipe for disaster).

A healthy breakfast along with a good morning routine makes for much smoother mornings. If you feel like you’re in a breakfast slump, or struggle to get a healthy homemade breakfast on the table each morning, let me show you how I manage to get a homemade healthy breakfast on the table each and every day.

Why I Love Planning Breakfast Time

The time we get to the breakfast table in the morning makes a difference throughout the rest of the day. Before breakfast time, we have a morning routine to keep the kids productive. They also have chore time throughout the day (you can read about the importance of chore time for kids here). As that blog post and video share, I make accomplishing chores dependent on them getting to eat.

I also ensure I always have breakfast at a predictable time. I am not a slave to this time, but it has an order and a basic routine that always helps with mornings.

Our breakfast time is by 7:30 AM at the latest. While I like to cuddle with the little kids and do my office work first, I wouldn’t say I like having to spend a lot of time cooking breakfast.

So I make easy breakfast casseroles ahead of time and put them in the fridge the night before. Then I can just slide the casserole right into the oven in the morning and bake it. And then I can get back to what I love, snuggling and planning.

When the casserole is ready to eat, we just spend a few minutes of optional work, like adding syrup, nuts, or dried fruit. You can even add some of my homemade plum jelly. The key here is to make breakfast an easy task that doesn’t take long.

Eggs being beaten in a glass bowl.

Making Breakfast Work

At first glance, making six casseroles a week can seem daunting. To manage this, I place the job of making casseroles on someone’s chore list.

Because we have a lot of children, dividing this task up is possible. So, for example, one of the older girls would be given the chore of making two or three baked oatmeal casseroles. The next day, another one of the girls would make about three French toast casseroles.

Now between the two girls, we have six breakfasts ready to go and all I did was establish the chore jurisdiction for the girls. They learn life skills, and I can focus on other tasks.

A woman adding dried cranberries to DIY Instant breakfast mix.

Breakfast Ideas

Our go-to is definitely breakfast casserole. However, I also like having this instant whole-grain breakfast mix or homemade yogurt with some freeze-dried berries ready at all times in case there’s someone who has to run out the door extra early.

As far as breakfasts, we have found that we rotate between about four recipes. You can grab my make-ahead breakfast casseroles here. For a special treat, you could even make my quick & easy cobbler recipe, whole wheat scones, or heavenly gluten-free cinnamon rolls.

Once you have a plan in place, you’ll no longer say you don’t have time for breakfast.

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