Gardening in Winter (Cold-Weather Growing Methods)

A large garden under snow with trees and mountains in the background.

Do you think gardening in winter just isn’t possible in your area because it’s too cold with too much snow? Watch this video (or listen to the podcast) with Rick Stone who lives above 4,000 feet in Utah to learn how he grows and harvests fresh produce from his garden (on just a quarter-acre lot in the suburbs) all year long.

How to Test Soil pH

A wheelbarrow filled with compost and two people shovelling.

Use this guide to learn how to test the soil pH of your garden using a county extension office or home kit to send a sample to a lab.

How to Read Seed Packets

Seed packets on a wire shelf.

Knowing what seeds to buy and when and how to plant them isn’t always obvious based on the seed packet or catalog. Learn how to read seed packets to maximize your garden potential this year, and to keep records for your specific growing zone.

Pantry Chat Q and A

Image of a man and woman sitting in the kitchen.

Welcome to another episode of the Pantry Chat. This week we’re catching up on everything happening with us here on the homestead while on a holiday break and ending the year 2022. So now, in this new year, 2023, we are homestead planning.

What is Homesteading?

A homestead property.

What is Homesteading? When you think of this, do you think of moving to a new state, like Alaska, buying property, and building a home on raw land? We suggest a new meaning.

Tips for Butchering Meat

Chickens outside in the snow.

Butchering meat is sometimes a tricky topic for people to swallow, especially if they’re raising their own animals. Most often because there has been an attachment formed with that animal. Let’s discuss the logistics of raising and butchering your own meat and some tips from our year’s of experience.

Winter Garden Prep for a Better Garden Next Spring

A man cutting back dead crops in the garden.

Putting your garden to bed for the winter is very valuable. It can save you time, energy, and equipment come spring. If you prepare your garden properly in the fall, you can jump right into planting season come spring.