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Welcome to the Pantry Chat where we’re answering YOUR questions. Each month we round up all the questions our viewers have asked and answer those that are asked most often, and sometimes we throw in some of our favorites or most interesting.

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Pantry Chat March 2022

Pantry Chat – Feb 2021

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How to Read Seed Packets

Knowing what seeds to buy and when and how to plant them isn't always obvious based on the seed packet or catalog. Learn how to read seed packets to maximize your garden potential this year, and to keep records for your specific growing zone. In the current world we...

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Learn to Homestead While on a Budget

Learn to Homestead While on a Budget

So many people want to homestead, yet most think that it costs money (money they may not have). So the question begs, "How do you homestead with no money?" There are so many ways to homestead on a budget. Just like the seasons are separated into four groups, so are...

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