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Homemade Christmas Gifts Guide

We’re sharing all our best homemade Christmas Gifts in this roundup of DIY projects. The only rule is that the projects must be easy to make, able to make multiple gifts at once, and accessible for the kids to help.

A woman making a holiday wreath.

If you’re looking for gift giving ideas that you don’t have to make, be sure to check out our Homesteader’s Christmas Gift Guide. That’s where you’ll find all the family-owned businesses we love to support (and they’re all products we use and love!).

This list is different. This is a list of DIY projects where you can gather your supplies, have a gift-making day with your kids, your friends, or just by yourself, and make a lot of heartfelt gifts all at once for not a lot of money.

The idea here is for an enjoyable, stress-free holiday. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Scroll through the list and pick a few of your favorites…

Decorated caramel apples on a tray.

Edible Gifts

The holidays can be a very busy time of year, so what better gift than to give someone the night off of cooking? Make up a large batch of one of my convenience meals (like canned stew, or chicken chili) and a loaf of my easy 5-minute no-knead bread.

The no-knead bread dough can be doubled or tripled to have enough dough for multiple loaves of bread (each batch makes five good-sized loaves).

Include one of these DIY desserts in a jar and your meal in a basket is complete:

Three young girls eating cookies.

Christmas time is our favorite time for extra baking projects around the homestead. Some of our favorite recipes include our homemade chocolate coconut truffles, Linzer cookies, molasses cookies, and gingerbread.

You don’t have to bake 30 different cookie recipes, just pick a few of your favorites and place a couple of each kind on a platter (or paper plate), wrap it in parchment paper and secure it with some festive ribbon.

We like to do this for close friends, teachers, or as a hostess gift. Here are our favorite cookie/dessert recipes:

Vertical view of rose face wash in a mason jar next to fresh roses and a mortar and pestle.

Homemade Bath Products

Who doesn’t love fancy toiletries? Some festive-scented bath products packaged in a mason jar or repurposed container make for a great gift and are easy to whip up in large batches.

A woman creating a Christmas garland.

Other Homemade Gifts

What other homemade gifts can you think of? Here are a few ideas that go beyond toiletries and food!

Homemade Christmas gifts wrapped in parchment paper and cut fabric with string and pine branch clippings.

Wrapping Supplies

Don’t forget your gift wrapping supplies like brown craft paper, this cute red and white “candy cane” cotton twine, rustic brown Jute twine, or brown craft paper gift tags.

I hope you take time this year to relax and enjoy the gift-giving experience. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the commercialism of the season, but with these heartfelt gifts, you’re sure to get into the true spirit of Christmas and pass that spirit along in each gift you give.

A man and wife smiling.

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